[arin-ppml] New Policy Proposal

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Thu Aug 16 18:31:00 EDT 2012

>>>>> "David" == David Farmer <farmer at umn.edu> writes:
    >> As a Canadian, I would ask ARIN to tell the parties involved:
    >> IPv4 is done. Go deploy IPv6.  the CRTC was told about the TPIA
    >> problem with IPv6 several years ago, in an IPv6 task force they
    >> participated in.

    David> Are there commercially available 4rd solutions?  Especially
    David> sufficiently available to mitigate the competitive
    David> disadvantage this would put the TPIA provider in as compared
    David> to the incumbent providers ability to provide native IPv4?

The cable providers delayed TPIA for years because they said
that there weren't commercially available source routed solutions when
the CRTC first mandated this layer-3 TPIA solution.
(They were lying: they just didn't buy the right equipment)

Software is updatable.

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