[arin-ppml] New Policy Proposal

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Thu Aug 16 14:25:02 EDT 2012

Guys, the TPIA's biggest problem is that it specifies a layer-3
solution,  but does not mandate any support for IPv6.

IPv4 deployment would be easy via 4rd or some other v4-over-v6 solution
if the TPIA said something about IPv6.

It doesn't.

As a Canadian, I would ask ARIN to tell the parties involved:
   IPv4 is done. Go deploy IPv6.
   the CRTC was told about the TPIA problem with IPv6 several
   years ago, in an IPv6 task force they participated in.

    William> 2. The competitive ISP is required by the _cable company_
    William> to initially

Yes.  Nice way to jam the market.
I'm aware of ISPs that do not serve all nodes.

    William> What about the layer 2 tunnelling described in John's
    William> links? Is the 
    William> cable company required to provide both methods, the layer 2
    William> tunnelling 

I'm unaware of any cable system that supports this method.

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