[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-180 ISP Private Reassignment

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I have to say I agree with William.  Is there not a way that access to this database can be limited to ARIN membership?  This won't fully satisfy his request for security which is reasonable, but maybe it reduces his security issue and at the same time provides members with the ability to find out who really is assigned a block.  

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> ARIN-prop-180  ISP Private Reassignment
>    7. Policy statement:
>                 NRPM and ISP private reassignment
>                 ISP has the option to register a reassignment as 
> private.  A private reassignment is not visible on the public whois 
> database.  Private reassignment is used in calculation of ISP 
> utilization.  By register a reassignment as private, the ISP takes 
> responsibility as POC by means of the direct allocation (parent of the 
> reassigned address block) from ARIN that is publically registered in the whois database.

Opposed. This has the effect of removing all public accountability for the ARIN-region consumers of IP addresses. It makes our reliance on ARIN absolute and, without public scrutiny, the community is placed in a position where it will have to demand ARIN engage in much more expensive auditing practices to assure ISPs with private whois entries are not cheating.

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