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Here's a scenario to think about. In many cases, ISPs are really tight
with their customer data and will not release it without a court
order. Say there is some sort of time sensitive issue that law
enforcement needs to track down an IP address. Getting a court order
for the ISP to release their customer information, then getting
another court order against the entity takes time. At least having a
clue if they're on the right track as far as the owner of an IP can
help law enforcement speed things up.

There is a lot of other background that may be best for a separate
discussion, but in Canada the government is looking at changing laws
that law enforcement doesn't need a court order to force ISPs to give
up customer details. Allowing ISPs to hide reassignments only plays
into that hand, where we force law makers to give law enforcement more
powers, which can potentially lead to abuses by government and law
enforcement themselves.
[Chu, Yi [NTK]] I don't think we want to second guess what government(s) would or wouldn't do.  There are other governments that may want to do exactly the opposite, that is mandating that business critical to their economy (banking section for instance) to conform to certain security standards or recommendations that prevent  company names showing in the public whois database.  I am not saying there are such cases, but Internet is global, and there are multi-national companies in ARIN region that are also subject to their own government in their home region.


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