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Steven Ryerse SRyerse at eclipse-networks.com
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I really appreciate your input!  I'm absolutely sure you are right about the deforestation.  I guess we will agree to disagree on the rest.  What you don't see is some of the scathing emails I get from folks like us off-list - who say they have tried to work with ARIN and have nothing but negative things to say about their experience.  I wouldn't share them here as they are obviously sent in confidence but something is really wrong here and this community needs to work with ARIN  and fix it.   All organizations who can demonstrate need should be able to get a /22 or whatever size block this community and ARIN thinks make sense to be the minimum.  There is no good reason why some organizations should be shut out while other organizations get them.  If IPv4 gets exhausted sooner then so be it.  That is why IPv6 exists to solve that problem.  I don't want to quibble about it but that is similar to saying only a large company can get a domain name - that would be very unfair and arbitrary.  And by the way, it isn't ARIN's or this community's business to withhold internet resources because they don't like a business model.  Again I say, their mission statement doesn't stipulate that only a perceived "good" business model should be supported by ARIN.  Bad models should be supported too.  It should be a level playing field for everyone.  I guess you don't agree with that.  

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On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 8:50 PM, Steven Ryerse <SRyerse at eclipse-networks.com> wrote:
>  ARIN has to decide whether they want to help this "customer" and other like us.

I do not speak for ARIN, but I am confident that they want to help their "customers"
follow the policies as adopted by the board.  You should also accept that you are not the only customer of ARIN.  So are "the members", and "the community".  Those customers have, over many years (and enough debate on PPML and in ARIN meetings that if printed would de-forest entire small countries) come up with a set of policies that ARIN staff has followed.  Those community driven policies are revised when there is agreement that those policies need to be changed.
It is entirely possible that if you propose specific language it can be adopted, but such proposals certainly need more justification that your business model depends on it.  And asserting that your business model is predicated on not understanding the "regulatory" environment before entering into that business model is actually more of an indictment of your process than that of ARIN following its charter.


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