[arin-ppml] IP Address Policy

Jimmy Hess mysidia at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 22:59:14 EDT 2012

On 8/8/12, David Miller <dmiller at tiggee.com> wrote:
> On 8/8/2012 9:05 PM, Steven Ryerse wrote:
>> mission is to allocate resources and NOT to deny resources.  Because they
>> are a monopoly, the phone company cannot deny me another phone line just
>> because the folks who already have phones in my community don’t want me to
>> have one or another one.
> Phone lines are not a limited resource. Internet addresses are a limited
> resource, thus their management is distinctly different from an
Phone lines are not a resource with a specific numerical limit. There
is only a question of how much money are you willing to spend to have
additional phone lines built.
Phone NUMBERs are a limited resource.

You can buy as many phone lines as you want, there is a significant
cost associated, with the purchase of a phone line.  You cannot just
go to a phone company, and get as many phone numbers as you want  for
free,  regardless of your claimed need, but you can generally get 1 at
least phone number for each phone line you buy.

Phone numbers are a poor comparison, because ARIN doesn't  sell  IP
connectivity that the IP addresses you are assigned are used with.

ARIN administers the database and stewardship of the resources
assigned to it according to community policies;  ARIN doesn't sell
resources,  and they don't have a "monopoly" over IP addreses.    On
your private LAN which is not internet connected and not interoperable
with the internet as defined by community defined technical and policy
standards, you are free to use any IP address you want, and establish
whatever registration conventions you like.

It would be correct to say that ARIN is the exclusive public provider
of registration service for numbers that were allocated by IANA to the
ARIN region  recognized by those networks who cooperate with the IETF
RFC-defined internet.


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