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Hi Steven,

On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 10:19 PM, Steven Ryerse <SRyerse at eclipse-networks.com
> wrote:

>  John, you seem to miss my point so let me be very clear.

I think you may be missing the point.  ARIN is a body that supports a rule
making community.

In addition to being the Secretariat for the community, they are the org
that does the allocation and assigning according to community set policies.

There are policies in place.  You are asking for the Secretariat to ignore


not valid according to current policy, so you can get policy changed OR
follow Jimmy's advice.

>  I am formally requesting here and now that you review my request and
> approve it.  That is the only way I am going to drop my request.  It is not
> reasonable to tell me to wait for months since others who get allocations
> don’t have to wait for months.  What is reasonable is for you to go to your
> staff and have them reopen my request #20120801-X7252 and have them
> allocate us the /22 IP v4 block requested.  Simple.  You definitely do have
> the power as President & CEO to do that if you decide to.

While that may be true, it would destroy a great deal of trust in the
entire global Internet resource administration regime.  In other words, you
are demanding that the CEO override the policies that he has a duty to
uphold in order for you to get your data center going.

> ****
> ** **
> Then in the future when ARIN gets similar requests from others your staff
> should approve them as well.  That fulfills your mission!

It doesn't actually, since the mission includes following policies set by
us (we are ARIN).

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> ** **
> You cannot use this community as your reason why you won’t fully fulfill
> your mission and your fiduciary responsibility as President & CEO.

He rightly can IMHO.

>   Policies that originate from this community still have to be voted on
> and approved by you and your board of directors as this community has no
> legal standing in your organization.  That vote is what puts those policies
> in force and since you and your board of directors have the power to both
> approve, change, and remove policies without input from this community -
> you can do so here if you want to.  In fact you have a fiduciary duty to do
> just that if any policy currently in force is determined to be contrary to
> your mission, regardless of what this community thinks.****
> ** **
> This is a clear case where the policy is contrary to your mission,
> therefore you should take the appropriate steps to rectify that ASAP.
> ** **
> I’m not going away.   As I said in my first post we have to have these
> resources one way or the other TO STAY IN BUSINESS.  I prefer ARIN allocate
> them to us per my request through normal channels.  If that request
> ultimately fails I will be forced to go off-channel and fulfill my request
> with a Legacy block that ARIN does not have an agreement on.  Unfortunately
> those are my only two choices.

See the advice from others on a third way (getting an assignment from an
upstream, at least for the short-term).

>   If I’m forced to go that route then I will of course come back to your
> web site and make a request for ARIN to update your database to show our
> new assignment of additional Legacy addresses.  Requesting that from ARIN
> is the right and proper thing to do since I don’t want to hide anything or
> lie to ARIN in any way.  If that request were to be denied then I would
> come back to this community and ask for their help.****
> ** **
> John, the choice is yours, you can fulfill your mission and allocate
> resources or you can force us to go elsewhere.  I would appreciate it if
> you would approve our allocation request.

Actually the choice is yours, you can get a PA block from an upstream, work
on changing policy, find a block on the transfer market, etc.

> ****
> ** **
> I would also ask everyone in this community to share your thoughts on this
> issue as it is very important.

See above.


"A name indicates what we seek. An address indicates where it is. A route
indicates how we get there."  Jon Postel
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