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> On 8/8/2012 5:34 AM, patrick at klos.com wrote:
> >>>> Why should my home network packets be any different (and yes, I use
> more
> >>>> than a /29 here)?
> > You are implying that you use more than 8 IP addresses.
> Yes, quite a few.
> >    Are these 8+
> > world routable IP addresses being used for business or personal use?
> Personal.
> >>> [kjk] Apples and Oranges..  I have no direct need to find your home
> address
> >>> because of interaction on the roads.  Legislation has been passed to
> >>> restrict my access to your personal information via your license
> number.
> >> You have no direct need to find my home address because I'm using the
> >> Internet, either.
> > If a computer on your network is malfunctioning or has been compromised,
> > don't you want to know about it?  How does someone contact you to tell
> > you about it without a valid working phone or email address?  If you
> don't
> > want to have your home address, phone and email published, give the
> > responsibility to your provider, but someone has to answer the phone
> when
> > computers on your network are having issues.
> How does "a valid working phone or email address" suddenly turn into "my
> home address"? You're not going to drive up here to fix the problem
> yourself, are you?
> These days, an email address should be more than sufficient. After all,
> most of my phone service comes in on the same Internet that my email does.
[kjk] An email address to be useful assumes the network is working.  As the
prime driver here is reporting network problems I would not depend on email
as a delivery method.
> >> But if I'm not providing services to you, why should you care anyway?
> > Because your machines may adversely effect others, including me and/or
> > my customers, that's why.
> Right. So you need a contact means. Not my home address.
[kjk] Agreed.  An email address and a telephone number work.  ARIN has need
of your home address, I don't.  

> Matthew Kaufman
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