[arin-ppml] private whois record

Chu, Yi [NTK] Yi.Chu at sprint.com
Wed Aug 8 14:16:33 EDT 2012

> This discussion is getting off track.  The point of conflict is not
> whether
> the phone call needs to go directly to the NOC but whether the WHOIS
> information can be completely obfuscated with a private registration.
> [Chu, Yi [NTK]] You still have the upstream ISP's record in whois, as this
> is the reassignment out of the ISP block.  So you can take it to the
> upstream ISP, and resolve your issue from there.
[kjk] The problem is that the upstream ISP in many cases does not have the
contact information for the customers NOC..  so you have a problem, you call
the ISP, they open a ticket and forward it to the customer, days pass as the
ticket goes through the process, it gets to the customer, the customer
passes the info to the network admin agency, the network agency opens a
ticket, days pass, the ticket gets to the NOC and enters their queue, days
pass, finally someone gets back to you if they feel like it.

Again, the NOC and ABUSE PoC's need to be responsive and within one degree
of separation from someone who can actually do something.  I want to call
that number and be transferred to a responsible party in the same call.

[yi] The ISP is responsible for putting in the info in swip, so the ISP has
the customer's contact info.  If the ISP swip it private, arin and the
swipping ISP still have exactly the same info as swpping it in public.
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