[arin-ppml] private whois record

patrick at klos.com patrick at klos.com
Wed Aug 8 08:34:48 EDT 2012

>>> Why should my home network packets be any different (and yes, I use more
>>> than a /29 here)?

You are implying that you use more than 8 IP addresses.  Are these 8+ 
world routable IP addresses being used for business or personal use?

>> [kjk] Apples and Oranges..  I have no direct need to find your home address
>> because of interaction on the roads.  Legislation has been passed to
>> restrict my access to your personal information via your license number.
>You have no direct need to find my home address because I'm using the 
>Internet, either.

If a computer on your network is malfunctioning or has been compromised, 
don't you want to know about it?  How does someone contact you to tell
you about it without a valid working phone or email address?  If you don't
want to have your home address, phone and email published, give the
responsibility to your provider, but someone has to answer the phone when
computers on your network are having issues.

>But if I'm not providing services to you, why should you care anyway?

Because your machines may adversely effect others, including me and/or 
my customers, that's why.


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