[arin-ppml] private whois record

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Tue Aug 7 17:13:18 EDT 2012

On 8/7/2012 10:01 AM, Kevin Kargel wrote:
> Having said that, if you are operating on the public network and wish to
> keep your contact information private then something just doesn't jive.  I
> do strongly support transparency.  If you don't want to disclose any
> information the solution is simple, don't transact on public networks.

I don't see how you can reach that conclusion so easily. I drive my 
vehicles on the public roadway network, and while they all display 
number plates, you'll find that translating that information to my home 
address is non-trivial, at least in this state.

Why should my home network packets be any different (and yes, I use more 
than a /29 here)?

Matthew Kaufman

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