[arin-ppml] private whois record

Chris Engel cengel at conxeo.com
Tue Aug 7 14:56:16 EDT 2012

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> [kjk] How does that help us when an email process or an Ethernet interface
> runs amok and my servers are in a DoS condition because of traffic from your
> network?  Is my only solution to block all traffic from your entire netblock
> and wait for you to decide to wake up and call me?
> One step away with a single triage desk I can handle, as in our case the
> listed phone number will reach our front desk and you will be forwarded to
> someone authoritative in the same call.

I don't think we're disagreeing all that much in principle, Kevin.  In the case of a genuine emergency you should be able to get in touch with an engineer who can act on your problem to resolve it in a reasonable amount of time....a couple hours at most. I'm simply saying that it's not unreasonable to expect some layers of abstraction to filter out genuine emergencies/problems from things that have no business going to that contact. You've got to remember that with WHOIS you are dealing with all shapes and sizes of organizations, and that will likely be even more true in the IPV6 world. Some of those organizations may not have a NOC or their own Call Center, may not have 24/7 Engineer staffing,  may not even have an in house resource that handles their network administration.  Even for the ones that do it often makes sense to do some low cost pre-screening of problem reports to make sure they are actual problem reports not sales calls. Honestly, why would it even matter to you (aside from mild inconvenience)  how many layers of abstraction you have to go through as long as the end result is that you get to speak with a person who has authority to act on your problem in a timely fashion.  I suspect that your real problem isn't that, but that effectively abuse/problem reports are black-holed because they go to a contact address that isn't monitored or they goto a contact that doesn't have a clear chain of responsibility of who to contact. Am I wrong in that? Because that's a problem of implementation not design.  I'll agree with you that organizations ultimately need to respond to genuine problems in a timely fashion. I wont agree with you if you insist that organizations can't delegate responsibility for that process in whatever fashion or layers of abstraction make sense for them, as long as the process ultimately works.

Christopher Engel 

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