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> On 8/7/12 11:08 AM, Chu, Yi [NTK] wrote:
> > The situation is my customer (a company, not residential) had gone
> through a security audit.  The audit identified the whois record as a
> potential security risk.  What they are asking is for their whois  record
> (inetnum, or network record) to be private.  So the assigning LIR has
> access to the private record, as well as ARIN.  But not to general public.
> This 'private' feature has been incorporated in APNIC for almost 10 years
> (APNIC-16, 2003 http://www.apnic.net/services/services-apnic-
> provides/helpdesk/faqs/privacy-of-customer-assignments---faqs) .   I would
> like to know first if ARIN has a similar feature to accommodate my
> customer's request.  If not, has the topic been discussed and if there is
> interest in pursuing.
> >
> I remember the topic being discussed and the consensus I recall was that
> residential entries in whois can be private but that businesses should
> be public.
> I would be curious to know if the audit identified their postal mailing
> address as a security risk as well.
[kjk] I agree with your recollections.  I also remember some consensus that
if the ISP is managing the network then the ISP is the appropriate NOC

It would seem strange to me if a company wanted to hide their mailing
address or even their email addresses.  Is this some sort of company that
has no advertising and is not listed in the telephone book and has no web

I suppose there are niche cases where this kind of anonymity would be
appropriate, but the NOC responsible for the devices directly connected to
the public network still needs to be contactable.  

> ~Seth
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