[arin-ppml] Clarify /29 assignment identification requirement

Jo Rhett jrhett at netconsonance.com
Mon Apr 30 17:52:20 EDT 2012

On Apr 27, 2012, at 8:44 PM, William Herrin wrote:
> Have you considered the double-standard in place here?
> Where you specify a DHCP pool for always-on DSL users who may well
> hold a particular address for months, ARIN does not consider itself at
> liberty to inquire into the customers' identities and is able
> "validate" the use regardless. Yet if you explicitly assign them
> /32's...

I'm not aware of any double standard. I've had to supply customer lists using dynamic pools as well. It was neither harder nor easier than supplying lists of customers using /32s.

Jo Rhett
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