[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2011-9 (Global Proposal): Global Policy for post exhaustion IPv4 allocation mechanisms by the IANA - revised

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Wed Sep 28 18:52:14 EDT 2011

On 9/28/11 14:59 CDT, Chris Grundemann wrote:
> Although this change is to the rationale only, I believe it is not
> necessary and only serves to muddy the water wrt the global policy
> process. I hope that we can remove this change and advance this policy
> in a form identical to the other regions which have already (or are in
> the process of) adopted it.
> Cheers,
> ~Chris
> PS - I-D draft-weil (the cause for this concern) is now set to become
> a BCP which will update RFC 5735 / BCP 153 upon adoption
> <https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-weil-shared-transition-space-request>.

While the specific issue of the Shared Transition Space allocation may 
be resolved, there is still the comment from IANA Staff.  So, I think it 
is still worth discussing the issue at the meeting anyway.  I personally 
don't care if we we keep the changed rational or not, as AC Shepherd I'm 
only trying to facilitate the discussion of the Draft Policy as best I 

However, at this point, I'd rather not try to change the text of the 
rationale again before the PPM in Phily.  We can change the rationale 
back before sending it to Last Call, based on consensus at the meeting, 
if we get that far.

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