[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2011-1: ARIN Inter-RIR Transfers - revised

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> If we don't have some kind of policy I see a policy being dictated to us
> higher up the food chain. A child that stomps it foot and is unwilling to
> compromise sometimes finds that it gets far worse.

>From where up the food chain?  IANA?  I suspect that is where governments are going to have to go if they want IP space globally redistributed.

I will stand by my statement that if ARIN is going to surrender authority over any space that space should go back to the entity that allocated it to ARIN.  Then that entity can redistribute the space according to their existing policies.

> That being said my concern with the policy as currently written is that
> there is no check valve or limits as to the quantity going out of region.
> If the policy had a limit of x number of /8 we could
> measure the impact to the region and adjust the policy accordingly.
> I'm also concerned with the staff report stating this was a major
> implementation. If a company decided to transfer out 1000 /24's to 1000
> different companies that would be a lot of time/cost that
> the region would be burdened with. While fee's are outside the scope is it
> expected that costs will be absorbed by the parties wanting the transfer
> or will the RIR's foot the bill?
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