[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2011-1: ARIN Inter-RIR Transfers - revised

Chris Engel cengel at conxeo.com
Thu Sep 22 15:41:15 EDT 2011

> I don't understand how you draw that conclusion from the previous
> statement.  If I am an org with IPv4 addresses available for transfer,
> and you are an org who needs IPv4 addresses, then I should be able to
> transfer my addresses to you, in exchange for appropriate
> consideration (to cover my renumbering costs, or whatever).  Since
> there is substantial need for IPv4 at every RIR, and one is not
> more important than the other, it shouldn't matter whether you (the
> recipient org) are in North America or on another continent.
> If you believe we should disallow transfers outside of North America,
> then AFAICT you are arguing that the ARIN region is more important
> than any other.
> -Scott

It's my impression that the RIR's were already assigned the address space they are responsible for by their parent organization. What's the point of allocating IP space based upon geographic boundaries (the individual RIR's and the space assigned to them) if those boundaries aren't being enforced within the RIR's own policies in regards assignment of addresses? It seems like a self-defeating architecture.

What's the practical difference between allowing IP space in the ARIN region being transferred to another region and allowing for someone outside of the ARIN region to apply for those addresses directly?

This seems especially problematic given that the different RIR's will run out of space at different times. I can easily imagine the following scenario...

1) Out of Region entity desires an address allocation....no free space available in their RIR's pool.

2) Out of Region entity finds ARIN region entity to act as proxy for obtaining an address assignment from ARIN's free pool.

 3) Out of Region entity provides cash for ARIN region entity to obtain 50,000 "IP Enabled Pet Rocks" at 3 cents each.

4) ARIN Region entity goes to ARIN for allocation from it's Free Pool citing the "pet rocks" as justification.

5) 2 weeks later ARIN region entity transfers said IP Allocation to Out of Region Entity via 8.3 getting 50 cents per IP address transferred.

6) Out of Region Entity rinses and repeats as many times as necessary using different ARIN region entities (or shell companies created as such).

Either the geographic boundaries have some meaning or they don't. YMMV.

Christopher Engel 

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