[arin-ppml] CGN multiplier was: RE: Input on an article by Geoff Huston (potentially/myopically off-topic addendum)

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Thu Sep 15 13:41:23 EDT 2011

> Chris Engel wrote:
> I also note that Fred & Margaret have faced pretty vehement
> opposition to even get that relatively limited implementation
> through the IETF.

I remember the same, no surprise here.

> The fact that people are attempting to come up with alternate
> solutions to various problems is a wonderful thing and should
> be applauded.

But also keep in mind that these solutions have been discarded several
times before and that there is such thing as "publish or perish" in the
IETF as well as in the academia.


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