[arin-ppml] CGN multiplier was: RE: Input on an article by Geoff Huston (potentially/myopically off-topic addendum)

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Thu Sep 15 13:40:45 EDT 2011

On 9/15/11 7:33 PM, Kevin Kargel wrote:
> Actually you can do that.  Most of your good retailers will be able to sell you dual wan firewalls (sonicwall and cisco both have SOHO class firewalls with dual WAN), add the BGP license and you are off and running..  assuming you can get your upstreams to accept and pass on your BGP advertisements.

Assuming the SOHO-class firewall has IPv6 support. And a BGP 
implementation that works with IPv6. And I have two upstreams, one the 
local telco and the other the local cable provider who offer v6 transit. 
With BGP.

My point was that I can do all this, today, without BGP, using NAT, if 
we restrict this to IPv4.

Once my two providers do IPv6 (and still don't take BGP announcements), 
where's the box that does this for IPv6?

Matthew Kaufman

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