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>On 9/15/11 2:15 PM, Lee Dilkie wrote: 
>On 9/15/2011 8:07 AM, Matthew Kaufman wrote: 
>Bzzt. I am a small company with a dozen PCs and a little router box. No way >am I going to colo a server somewhere. 
>and you really *need* to be dual homed? why?
>Because my local cable provider routinely goes out during power outages but >the DSL provider isn't fast enough?
>Because I can only get 1.5 Mbps DSL but that's not enough to get anything >else done while the big downloader is in the office, so I bought two 1.5 >Mbps DSL circuits?
>Either way, I want to be able to do this, run down to the local retailer >and buy a router that supports it, and plug it in.

Actually you can do that.  Most of your good retailers will be able to sell you dual wan firewalls (sonicwall and cisco both have SOHO class firewalls with dual WAN), add the BGP license and you are off and running..  assuming you can get your upstreams to accept and pass on your BGP advertisements.

If you want to do it on the cheap just bridge your DSL modems and plug them to separate interfaces on an obsolete Linux box and build your own router.  I realize this doesn't meet the "buy it and plug it in" requirement. 

Anything you buy is going to have some configuration.  You will need to be able to run BGP if you want route failover and/or some degree of ingress traffic management.

I run in to this argument all the time with customers.  When it comes down to brass tacks it almost always turns out that they want enterprise class network performance with a five 9's SLA for $39.95 a month.  It's a nice dream.  

>With IPv4, I can do that today. (And both ISPs support IPv4, too!)
>Matthew Kaufman

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