[arin-ppml] CGN multiplier was: RE: Input on an article by Geoff Huston (potentially/myopically off-topic addendum)

Chris Engel cengel at conxeo.com
Wed Sep 14 13:02:20 EDT 2011

> Then why do you get to force me to continue to use a broken legacy
> protocol?
> What's so terribly wrong is that if you don't deploy IPv6 then I am
> forced to continue to support IPv4, even worse, if you add layers of
> NAT and other such kludges in order to do it, you are subjecting all
> of my traffic to you to pass through those kludges by not also
> supporting IPv6 and giving me a clear path.

How are you under the impression that I was?  No one is FORCING you to route traffic to me.  If you CHOOSE to route traffic to me, of course, then you'll have to figure out some way to make that traffic work. In a free market society, by DEFINITION, if an organization is CHOOSING to run IPv4/CGN it's doing what works for it's users. If it wasn't, then those users wouldn't be there, since no one is holding a gun to their heads telling them they have to use that organizations services. If those users are with that organization then in essence they are voting with their wallets that they don't have any strong need or desire to exchange packets with Chris Grundermann that IPv4/CGN will break.  If they do, then the burden falls on ME to make sure that those packets work, somehow.

It's kinda like a sneaker maker complaining that alot of it's users are demanding white soled sneakers because the guy at the rec center doesn't allow black soled ones on his courts. Welcome to the free market, my friend, you either choose to meet the demands of your customers or you find a different set of customers.

Christopher Engel 

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