[arin-ppml] Input on an article by Geoff Huston

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Tue Sep 13 15:31:41 EDT 2011

On 9/13/11 09:11 CDT, John Curran wrote:
> On Sep 13, 2011, at 9:52 AM, Mike Burns wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> http://www.circleid.com/posts/ipv6_transitional_uncertainties/
>> In this article Geoff posits the possibility of moving content inside
>> walled gardens using Content Distribution Networks and extensive use
>> of ALGs as IPv4 conservation methods.
>> He considers this in the context that CGNs may not provide enough
>> address space leverage to facilitate a 10 year transition to IPv6.
>> Leaving aside the idea of brokenness brought about by CGN deployment,
>> does anybody have any data which answers the question of what the
>> effective adress multiplier is for CGN deployment?
>> I guess I am asking how many ports the average user (not server) wants
>> to keep open and available, or whether there are processing or logging
>> limits which serve to restrict that multiplier? Are there other
>> scaling limits? Trends towards higher per-user port use?
>> My impression is that a 10:1 ratio is quite feasible, (assuming you
>> want to punish your customers with degraded service, yada yada).
>> I found it a very worthwhile article to read, and think it conveys
>> valuable information to those interested in ARIN policy development.
> Mike -
> Thanks for raising his article to the attention of the PPML community.
> Geoff recently gave this presentation at APNIC Busan, and I invited him to
> present the same at the upcoming ARIN meeting in Philly, as it definitely
> provides as interesting perspective on the overall IPv4/IPv6 transition
> issue. (I don't have confirmation, but believe that he will be
> presenting on
> Wednesday morning during the Joint NANOG/ARIN portion of the program)
> FYI,
> /John
> John Curran
> President and CEO

This will be an excellent talk for NANOG/ARIN.  However, for those that 
can't wait until then to get their Geoff Huston fix; :)  The Keynote he 
gave at APNIC a couple weeks ago, which is a companion to the article 
above, is now available online at;


After Geoff there is a second Keynote by Dr Kilnam Chon;  He asked a 
really important question "How are we going to connect the next 5 
billion users to the Internet?"  There are currently about 2 billion 
Internet users and we are about 7 billion in world population, giving us 
5 billion more users to connect.  But, I was listening to Thomas 
Friedman talk on CNN last week and realized it not 5 billion we need to 
connect, but 7.5 billion as the world population is estimated to be 9.5 
billion by 2050.

So after listening to Geoff's Keynote I suggest listening to Dr. Chon's too.

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