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I'm not sure the "transition campaigners" (whomever they may be) really need to find a profit motive. It's my impression that most of the large ISPs and carriers are aware of their need to deploy IPv6 as they will be the ones most immediately impacted by IPv4 exhaustion. In addition, the US federal government is actively deploying IPv6 under a government-wide mandate, which provides at a minimum a not insignificant negative profit motive to its suppliers and contractors. (If they want to continue to do business with the federal government, in most cases, they have to support its requirements.) And as IPv6 deployment increases, IPv4-only enclaves will naturally become less attractive over time.

Of course, lightning could strike and some other currently unanticipated approach could suddenly appear on the scene and be so overwhelmingly attractive that everyone rushes to adopt it. But that seems unlikely at this juncture.


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Hi Chris
I was not aware that ARIN (per se) had become "The Society for the Promotion of IPv6" but I am aware that the NRO on behalf of the RIRs did call for all stakeholders to make IPv6 deployment a priority.
But as I listen carefully to the crosswinds, I say to myself that IPv4/IPv6 transition campaigners may well consider or need to find, a profit motive sooner or later to entice a profit motivated industry to inspired action instead of a transition categorized as simply, the right thing to do.
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