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On Sep 1, 2011, at 5:44 PM, Stephen Sprunk wrote:

I find it interesting that your "quite a bit of time" did not include asking the person who wrote that text, i.e. me, or reviewing the threads here on the subject where the reasoning was discussed several times--including ones I'm pretty sure you participated in--or reviewing the transcripts of the meetings where it was discussed.

Steve - I'm well aware of that history, and was simply referring to the open
ended option to initiate resource reviews.  Much of what you suggest is well
covered by 12.2b ("whenever ARIN has reason to believe that the resources
were originally obtained fraudulently or in contravention of existing policy")

Therefore, I will recap the top reason: to find space that has been abandoned and is therefore an attractive target for spammers and other criminals.  We're told ARIN spends a lot of time reacting to hijackings, but IMHO the community would be better served by being proactive.  Returning such space to the free pool would be a minor side benefit.

Note that I would not recommend doing this at random; it should be based on indicators of use such as the time since last update, visibility in the DFZ, or whatever other similarities y'all notice between the resources involved in past fraud cases.  Go for the "low-hanging fruit" first and work your way up.

Understood, and this does occur.  I'd recommend that folks also use the
number resource fraud reporting page to highlight possible issues, since
there are more folks in the community than in ARIN staff.

Fears of capricious use of that pre-existing capability in the RSA were the motivator of NRPM 12: to limit the harm that could be done if/when ARIN decided to use that power in the future--which the community seemed to desire in general.

Indeed, and I believe that's quite prudent.


John Curran
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