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John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Thu Sep 1 16:47:13 EDT 2011

On Sep 1, 2011, at 3:55 PM, Mike Burns wrote:

> Hi John,
> Having a vivid imagination, my mind wanders.

Mike - 
  Glad to help, and I'm certain others have some of these
  same questions.

> If an RSA holder listed his entire allocation on eBay, would that be cause for a review?

  Attempting to make use of the specified transfer policy
  cannot in good faith be used as valid cause of resource 
  review, as it would effectively invalidate registrants
  ability to make use of the policy.

> Suppose a cursory google search indicates the company has been sold or liquidated, would that be cause for a review?
> What if they were not sold or liquidated, but changed business substantially, say from web hosting to auto mechanic?
> What if the lister has had a very recent allocation, would that be cause for a review?
> What if the lister is a serial acquirer of companies which he liquidates in order to monetize addresses, would that be cause for a review?
> What if the lister is a bankruptcy trustee and it is public knowledge the business has been closed and the bankruptcy has proceeded for at least three years, is that cause for a review?
> What if addresses get very valuable, the free pool exhausts, and the next person in queue for free pool addresses initiates a complaint against the lister?
> What if a disgruntled shareholder or employee notifies ARIN that the seller hasn't used the space in years, and the routes have not been advertised in BGP for years?

  Which of the above would you like to be valid causes for 
  review?  I would suggest proposing appropriate changes 
  to NRPM 12 to make just those causes explicit.

> What if the lister is an obnoxious pest on the PPML, would he be reviewed? ;-)

  Oh, just the thought makes me smile... :-)
  (but the answer is no)

> My point is that there is a risk to RSA holders who seek to sell addresses, and that risk will have to be overcome by higher prices.
> So maintaining the threat of section 12 will have the effect of limiting the supply of available addresses and increasing prices for addresses.

  I agree with respect to RSA holders, and would suggest that 
  it be addressed through proposals to change NRPM 12 (or using 
  the ARIN suggestion process to change the RSA accordingly -

> You have done all you can to assuage doubts in sellers' minds, so you can treat the questions above rhetorically, but I still think advisers to companies considering these sales will consider them risky. After all, what if they list addresses and the administration and staff at ARIN changes and becomes more aggressive?

  Full agreement... business plans often have more longevity than
  any given executive or staff.

> Maybe that's an argument for you to be President-for-Life?

  You mean a life _sentence_ doing this?? (I would get it 
  overthown as a form of cruel and unusual punishment ;-)

Good points to consider - thanks!

John Curran
President and CEO

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