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On 01-Sep-11 09:06, Owen DeLong wrote:
> On Sep 1, 2011, at 6:37 AM, Mike Burns wrote:
>> If we truly want unused addresses being put to use then we should change policy to protect RSA sellers from the threat of section 12 reviews when they seek to sell addresses.
> When STLS was being developed, the AC was very careful to specify that merely listing resources for sale on STLS or through another medium was not in itself to subject a resource holder to a section 12 review or any procedure for revocation. Neither, however, was such listing intended to provide a safe harbor against ARIN proceeding with any such action based on other independent data or investigation.
> In other words, while we don't want listing your addresses to flag you for an audit, we also don't want to create a situation where merely listing addresses gives you an exemption from policy.

Merely listing resources in the STLS (or elsewhere) shouldn't trigger a
for-cause review under NRPM 12.2(b), but for completeness it should be
noted ARIN can do without-cause reviews at (nearly) any time under NRPM
12.2(c).  That action may, for resources not under LRSA, result in

That said, so far it appears ARIN has neither done nor intends to do any
without-cause reviews.


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