[arin-ppml] Input on an article by Geoff Huston

Mike Burns mike at nationwideinc.com
Tue Sep 13 09:52:08 EDT 2011

Hello list,


In this article Geoff posits the possibility of moving content inside walled gardens using Content Distribution Networks and extensive use of ALGs as IPv4 conservation methods.

He considers this in the context that CGNs may not provide enough address space leverage to facilitate a 10 year transition to IPv6.

Leaving aside the idea of brokenness brought about by CGN deployment, does anybody have any data which answers the question of what the effective adress multiplier is for CGN deployment?

I guess I am asking how many ports the average user (not server) wants to keep open and available, or whether there are processing or logging limits which serve to restrict that multiplier? Are there other scaling limits? Trends towards higher per-user port use? 

My impression is that a 10:1 ratio is quite feasible, (assuming you want to punish your customers with degraded service, yada yada).

I found it a very worthwhile article to read, and think it conveys valuable information to those interested in ARIN policy development.


Mike Burns

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