[arin-ppml] ARIN-2011-1: ARIN Inter-RIR Transfers - Last Call

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Thu Oct 20 18:05:43 EDT 2011

On Oct 20, 2011, at 5:35 PM, David Farmer wrote:

> On 10/19/11 21:54 CDT, Kevin Blumberg wrote:
>> I see that "entities agreeing to the transfer and which otherwise
>> meet both RIR's policies." was removed, which I considered to be a
>> bi-lateral justification. That shifted the onus to "share compatible,
>> needs based policies".
> In my opinion that text created confusion that we wanted to require both RIR's criteria for justified need to be satisfied by the organization that is receiving the resources.  Rather than the source organization meeting the requirements of it RIR and the receiving organization meeting the requirements of it RIR.  Even if you believe the text meant that both policies were to apply, on both ends, I don't believe that how ARIN staff said they would implement that language.

Correct. The staff assessment indicated that the prior language was unclear 
and wide open to interpretation.  For avoidance of doubt, the assessment 
specified the process that would be followed if the prior language was adopted, 
and it required that the source and recipient meet the respective portions of 
both RIR's transfer policies.  The revised 2011-1 policy text is much clearer 
on this point, and would have the same implementation process.  

Clarity on this point is definitely helpful in implementation, and if the 
alternative is the desired outcome (wherein both RIRs independently apply 
their full transfer processes to both parties), then that should be made 
clear.  Note that the implications of this approach have not been assessed, 
and it has the potential for significant legal, language, and support 


John Curran
President and CEO

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