[arin-ppml] Downstreams, needs less than /24 and PI availability

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Fri Oct 7 16:54:13 EDT 2011

> >>
> >> Making policy based on FUD is rarely useful and almost always contrary
> >> to the good of the community.
> >>
> >> Owen
> > [kjk] Owen always cuts to the heart of the matter and says thing more
> > efficiently than I.  Thanks Owen.
> > [/kjk]
> You mean "cuts the heart". And kills the patient.
> I wouldn't have brought this topic up if it wasn't _already happening_
> and beginning to gain some momentum. In thinking about it, it probably
> won't impact my employer so much as it will impact smaller networks.
> I'm happy to waste a /24 and a burn a routing slot on each denial if
> that's what the ARIN community wants me to do.
> Thanks!
> -M<
[kjk] No, I meant it the way I said it.  A small subnet for a small business
is pretty common today for the small business to be able to support things
like multiple VPN's, secure servers, remote control devices (like video
cameras), et.al.  
If I were a small business working with an ISP that could not lease me a
routed subnet to satisfy a need I would certainly be looking for a new ISP.
This business dynamic is what is going to keep ISP's providing the services
that American businesses need.

Perhaps the fastest growing market for IP subnets right now (from the
viewpoint of the rural ISP) is the American farmer.  Farms are big business,
they have a great and growing need for wLAN and mWAN networks.  Farms are
using many high tech equipments and monitoring devices, many of which
require or can utilize discrete SSL and/or work much better with PA or PI
addresses per device. 
So even small rural ISP's are starting to see customers with a need for
small PA subnets.  This need is growing daily.   
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