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> >> How should a network meet their utilization requirements and how
> >> should ARIN foster aggregation per "RFC 2050" and "ICP-2" then? If I
> >> have to use a /24 for a miniscule amount of addressing needs what's my
> >> relief valve in policy then? GTL?
> > [kjk] The network should apply to their provider for PA space.  If the
> > provider won't give it to them they should get a new provider.
> Really? What if all providers do this?
[kjk] Then you need to become a provider or find a different business model.
I think you will find that if you offer your provider enough money you are
going to get the PA space you need, and yes - as time goes on that PA space
is going to get more expensive.  Thank all the good folks that fought for
the IP market.  

This is what ISP's do..  they provide Internet Services to customers.  ISP's
provide different services at different rates.  If you need a basic dynamic
IP address with generic DNS you pay $x .  If you need a static IP address
with custom DNS you pay $x+y .  If you need a contiguous block of IP
addresses with custom DNS you pay $x+y^2 .  (OK, that was a little

So long as there are Internet Service Providers providing internet services
you will be able to get what you want, it is all a question of whether you
are willing to pay the going rate.

In any case ARIN is not the appropriate venue for accomplishing what you are
requesting.  As I said before you should be working with the FCC and the FTC
if you want to guarantee a particular service will be available to you as a
consumer.  I might add the Public Service Commission (PSC) to that list,
perhaps even the head of the list.


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