[arin-ppml] Downstreams, needs less than /24 and PI availability

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Fri Oct 7 11:23:52 EDT 2011

> >
> > [kjk] This sounds to me like ARIN trying to govern business models for
> > member entities and I think it is a bad idea.  Speaking as an ISP if my
> Well, if they didnt already do this, I would agree with you for the most
> part.
[kjk] If they already do this then why the need for regulation?  Isn't this
all part of how ISP's do business?  Are you suggestion that ARIN start
operating as a regulatory body for ISP business practices?

> > customers need PA space I am more than happy to provide it for them at a
> > nominal cost.  I am sure this is the case at most if not all ISP's.  I
> > haven't heard of too many ISP's that turn down business customers are
> > willing to pay for. The customer is of course always free to seek a
> > different ISP.
> Economic power comes into play in your thinking in that some networks
> have the economic power to do what they please with respect to choice.
> Others, not so much. In that case, this kind of "practice" is not
> typically in anyones interest and all it seems to do is throw matches
> on the common burning up a slot and wasting "significant" resources
> that could be used to help foster transition.
[kjk] Again, if an ISP does not offer what a customer needs then the
customer is free to go to a different ISP.  I really do not want to see ARIN
get in to the practice of trying to control ISP business models.  That would
just be wrong on many levels.  
> Not really anything much more to say. Thanks. It's nice to be out of
> the transfer/RSA/LRSA infinite loop for a bit. :-)
> Best,
> -M<
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