[arin-ppml] [arin-discuss] ARIN public policy meeting and 2011-9

Susan Hamlin susanh at arin.net
Tue Oct 4 11:37:42 EDT 2011

Hello Martin,

Thank you for your suggestion to move the global policy proposal discussion to earlier in the meeting agenda in order to maximize attendee discussion.

As you may note, the policy proposal topics are grouped in several instances and we believe the placement of 2011-9 makes sense when grouped with
ARIN-2011-13: IPv4 Number Resources for Use Within Region and ARIN-2011-1: ARIN Inter-RIR Transfers, all on Thursday afternoon.

The discussion of 2011-7: Compliance Requirement was placed on Wednesday afternoon as it should be of interest to NANOG attendees since it deals with cutting off DNS. We would like operator input on this proposal too. Given that 2011-7  may enjoy lengthy discussion, it is  then difficult to move 2011-9 and have it fit in the time slot currently allotted.

It is our experience that most of the operators who stay for Wednesday afternoon  have registered for the ARIN meeting and generally stay through the end of the Public Policy portion of our meeting.
Currently there are over 80 registrants who plan to attend both the NANOG and ARIN meeting so we hope for great discussions both days of the ARIN Public Policy Meeting.


Susan Hamlin
Director, Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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I noticed that we had scheduled the discussion for ARIN 2011-9 on Thursday, later in the day.

  *   ARIN-2011-9 (Global Proposal): Global Policy for post exhaustion IPv4 allocation mechanisms by the IANA<https://www.arin.net/policy/proposals/2011_9.html>

I would like to suggest that we move this to Wednesday, in the 2:15 slot, so that we can get maximum participation by both the usual suspects that are always at ARIN meetings and the general NANOG community.



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