[arin-ppml] ARIN Multiple Discrete Networks Policy

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Mon Oct 3 21:29:43 EDT 2011

On Oct 3, 2011, at 8:13 PM, Jeff Wheeler wrote:

> The problem is you, specifically, and a lot of other folks, have spent
> time and energy denying that the RIRs should or do care about routing
> instead of figuring out what non-obstructive, beneficial things you
> can do.  I would love to read the email from John Curran that says,
> "if we *did* care about routing, what could we do to reduce DFZ bloat
> without getting in anyone's way?  Do we need any different policy
> language, or are there things we can do today?  What kind of
> applications will be affected by proposed changes?  What affect will
> this have in a post-exhaustion world?"  I don't see any of that.

Jeff - 
 I think you mistake the role of ARIN staff from that of the 
 community; you're not going to read an email from me making 
 suggestions because we very much want ARIN to be driven by 
 this community, as opposed to the staff's idea of how things 
 should work, and this means that if you have any ideas about 
 how to reduce DFZ bloat, or any other change, you should talk
 about it right here on PPML.
 You might see me asking questions to make sure that we all
 understand what is proposed, but you won't see advocacy in
 either direction with regards to a particular proposal.  
 You note "I don't see any of that" (from the CEO), and I want 
 to make plain that the reason you don't is because that is 
 intentionally how ARIN is designed.

> As long as folks continue to deny that RIRs should involve themselves
> more explicitly in inter-domain routing policy, we are climbing higher
> and higher up a hill, and v4 exhaustion may push us over a cliff.  I
> don't think anyone wants to upgrade all of their routers because ARIN
> leadership were afraid to explore what benefits (and disadvantages)
> there could be from modifying policy interpretation, and from no
> longer shying away from policy changes that impact routing policy.

 If there are changes that should be made for good reasons to protect
 the global routing table, let's hear them and let the community decide. 
 I honored that you think that I should just explore modifying things
 on my own to solve these weighty matters, but I really think that it
 takes a community to make those changes (as opposed to be based on 
 the views of one person who last had enable under ios 9.21? :-)

> What we do need is to control routing table bloat.  This should be the
> primary function of RIRs in an IPv6 world, and yet they continue to
> resist this job.

 No resistance here.  Why don't you propose some specific ideas for 
 what you think needs to be changed?


John Curran
President and CEO

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