[arin-ppml] Suggestions for PDP improvement

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Fri Nov 11 16:24:38 EST 2011

On 11/11/11 13:57 CST, Alexander, Daniel wrote:

> One of the the items we discussed at length with the proposed PDP changes
> was to incorporate the ability to poll the mailing list in addition to the
> show of hands at a PPM. This expands the audience of those who can be
> counted, and provides a wider sample of opinion not limited to those who
> can travel to a meeting. Do you think this will help provide a better
> corollary to the decisions the AC may want to make?

I would add that ARIN currently has fairly robust remote participation 
capabilities, so travel itself shouldn't be a big barrier to 
participation.  However, even with remote participation you still need 
to be available and participate on a timetable that is not of your 
choosing or necessarily convenient.  Whereas such a pooling mechanism 
would allow much more asynchronous participation.

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