[arin-ppml] DP 2011-1 - How has the meaning changed?

Robert E. Seastrom ppml at rs.seastrom.com
Thu Nov 10 13:53:37 EST 2011

"Bill Darte" <BillD at cait.wustl.edu> writes:

> Earlier I asked persons objecting to the last call language to provide
> specifics about how the newly crafted language of 2011-1 varies from the
> objectives and intent of the flawed language of 2011-1 presented in
> Philadelphia. I did not get any explicit answers.  I ask for the same
> again. 
> The objectives for DP 2011-1 were pointed out in the Philly presentation
> and were a composite of feedback and suggestions that were offered by
> the community on PPML and at the Puerto Rico PPM.  I list them here with
> a link reference to the presentation from Philly.
> ...
> Please indicate what has changed that makes this some 'new' draft policy
> rather than a re-wording of the 'same' DP?


I respect the right of anyone to oppose a policy for any reason (or no
reason at all) but recent accusations of failed process etc. are
wholly unsupportable.

The AC did nothing unusual with regard to 2011-1, to wit: take input
from the Community, at two public policy meetings, do word-smithing
and polishing for a policy proposal, and move it forward.  That's
something that we do _constantly_.  2011-1 has not morphed in broad
intent over time, varying only in minutiae to make it compatible with
the will of the Community.

Please take a moment to read various iterations of 2011-1 side by
side.  The version that was sent to last call was *anything but* a
"new" draft policy.

-r (also a shepherd on 2011-1)

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