[arin-ppml] What do you think of 2011-1 (now in Last Call)?

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Thu Nov 10 11:22:20 EST 2011

On 11/10/11 01:49 CST, Eliot Lear wrote:
> Robert,
> I oppose 2011-1, as written.
> It is crucial that regions where IPv4 is not widely as diffused as
> elsewhere not be pushed from back to the front of the IPv6 deployment
> pack for want of IPv4 addresses. Shifting resources into the ARIN region
> increases just such a risk. To correct this concern, the AC should split
> the proposal into two- one for outbound transfers and one for inbound,
> where I would have no objection to outbound transfers. Even better would
> be to stop tinkering with v4 allocation policies altogether and focus on
> IPv6 deployment.

Personally, I'm not opposed to only allowing outbound transfers. 
However, I believe the community's clear consensus is to reciprocally 
allow transfers both inbound to and outbound form the region.  Also, in 
my opinion such a split would be a significant enough change in the 
policy intent necessitating a return to the next PPM for further 
discussion, further delaying an Inter-RIR transfer policy and probably 
causing the issue you hope to prevent.

Further, with the APNIC free pool essentially exhausted, several month 
ago.  And with, the APNIC policy community acting in good faith, 
restoring "needs basis" to their transfer policy, and acceding to the 
ARIN policy community's request, some may say insistent demand, that 
Inter-RIR transfers be on a "needs basis".

Furthermore, with ARIN likely having a free pool for several more policy 
cycles, likely delaying any significant demand for inbound transfers for 
several more policy cycles.  This allows us plenty of time to act to 
remove inbound Inter-RIR transfers, if there is consensus to do so, 
before there should be any significant demand for inbound transfers

Therefore, it is imperative for the ARiN policy community to act NOW in 
good faith and allow Inter-RIR transfers as soon as reasonably possible. 
This is best accomplished by moving forward the Last Call text that 
clearly represents the policy intent that has been discussed, and there 
has been a clear consensus for, at the last two Public Policy meetings 
and on PPML since its introduction as ARIN-prop-119 over a year ago.

Any further delay is unlikely to produce significantly better text and 
will only serve to prevent clearly legitimate "needs based" demand from 
within the APNIC region for IPv4 addresses from having any chance at all 
of being fulfilled, endangering the Internet as a whole.  Allowing 
Inter-RIR transfers cannot and will not guarantee all the legitimate 
"needs based" demand will be fulfilled. However, Inter-RIR transfers 
will allow a possible option to fulfill at least some additional 
legitimate "needs based" demand within the Internet as a whole.  Even 
though that legitimate "needs based" demand may not be within the ARIN 
region, it is in the self-interest of the ARIN community to allow 
continued growth of the whole IPv4 Internet to the extent possible for 
as long as possible.

It has been the ARIN policy community's consensus and insistent demand 
that all transfers be on a "needs basis", and as said, the APNIC policy 
community is acceding to that demand.  It is inconsistent with that 
consensus and insistent demand to continue to delay an Inter-RIR 
transfer policy in the ARIN region while legitimate "needs based" demand 
goes unfulfilled anywhere on the Internet and especially in the APNIC 

As for the request to focus on deployment of IPv6, I couldn't agree 
more.  However, drastically different availability of IPv4 resources 
across the RIRs and the Internet as a whole doesn't serve the deployment 
of IPv6.  To the contrary, I believe it does more to promote the 
deployment of Carrier Grade NAT.  So the idea of leaving IPv4 policy 
alone doesn't necessarily serve IPv6 deployment, and worse could 
frustrate global IPv6 deployment altogether.

Finally, I support the policy as written.

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