[arin-ppml] What do you think of 2011-1 (now in Last Call)?

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Wed Nov 9 23:20:07 EST 2011

On Nov 9, 2011, at 7:20 PM, Andy Linton wrote:

> I'd very wary of interpreting Clause 7 of prop-096 as an attempt to
> create some loophole to thwart transfer policy. Every policy proposal
> that comes before the APNIC Policy SIG has a clause 7 - "Effect on the
> RIRs" and this usually reads something like "This will affect NIR
> members in the same way as APNIC members."
> In this case the authors have chosen to use the phrase Bill has pointed
> out, "It is the NIR's choice as to whether to adopt this policy". I can
> recall no discussion on this at the two meetings where this policy was
> discussed, nor was it raised on the mailing list as an issue and I
> believe that this is something that has got through our sanity filters
> undetected.
> I think it's worth noting that the APNIC policy document "NIR Criteria"
> (http://www.apnic.net/policy/nir-criteria/text) has the following clear
> sections:
> 2.3	Policy framework
> 	All NIRs operate within the policy framework of the APNIC
> 	region and of the wider global Internet community, and should
> 	implement and enforce regional and global policies at all
> 	times.
> 	An NIR may implement local policies, however these should not
> 	conflict in any way with regional or global policies. Any
> 	substantial policy change proposed within an NIR�s community
> 	should be brought to the APNIC community for approval through
> 	existing open policymaking mechanisms.
> ...
> So while there's some possibility that this clause *could* be used to
> modify this transfer policy in some radical way by an NIR, I think it's
> highly unlikely.
> I'm happy to raise this for clarification with the APNIC Policy SIG but
> I don't believe that this should be used as a mechanism to derail the
> current discussions in your region. There may be reasons for ARIN
> members to have reservations about transfer policy but I don't believe
> this is one of them.
> Andy Linton
> APNIC Policy SIG Chair

Andy - 
   Your explanation is very helpful - Thanks!


John Curran
President and CEO

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