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Bill Darte BillD at cait.wustl.edu
Tue Nov 8 07:11:13 EST 2011


The AC is made up of community representatives elected by that community.  There are 15 of them, all free thinkers with great experience in all aspects of our industry.

While any body can be corrupted with enough influence by people who are motivated by money or power, I think this is far from the mark with the current AC and the 2011-1 Draft Policy is far from earth shaking in its absolute impact.  There are global implications of fairness, community, and allocation of scarce resources involved, but the people who are concerned about its impact can and are making their voices heard.

That those voices are chorused by so few, after 2 years of debate, indicates to me that there is very little interest overall and that the current Draft is a reasonable step in the direction that the community intends policy to go.

To make this Draft Policy a referendum on ARIN's PDP process, the staff and the persons elected to help process policy is to divert attention from the Draft Policy itself.

You are free to propose new text for policy in a policy proposal, but substituting completely new language into a 'last call' position within the PDP process is completely out of line and affords the community very little opportunity to consider and debate its utility.

You have expressed your opinion on the Draft Policy and on the PDP process and both are appropriate.

I echo John Sweeting's earlier emails asking others to share their support or not for this DP.

Bill Darte

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The petition contains not the slightest ambiguity as to what's being
petitioned and you well know it. Either the PDP provides the community
via petition with the same suite of actions available to the AC or it
does not. If it does not then the AC is empowered and encouraged to
engage in corrupt practices by bringing vague or otherwise faulty text
to the meeting which neutralizes the subsequent petition process when
they rewrite it.

You asked for feedback about what's wrong with the PDP. From top to
bottom I think it's structured to encourage AC misadventure. Consider
this an opportunity to see that in action.

Bill Herrin

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