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Martin Hannigan hannigan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 19:25:36 EST 2011

This needs work, but support.

I am curious about one thing. Where does ARIN derive its authority over
legacy addresses?

Not just legal blustering, a real codified reference.


On Nov 7, 2011 6:57 PM, "William Herrin" <bill at herrin.us> wrote:

> I hereby petition to advance an alternate version of draft policy
> 2011-1 to last call.
> Policy draft:
> 8.3 Transfers to Specified Recipients
> In addition to transfers under section 8.2, IPv4 number resources may
> be released to ARIN by the authorized resource holder or another RIR,
> in whole or in part, for transfer to another specified organizational
> recipient. Organizations in the ARIN region may receive transferred
> number resources under RSA if they can demonstrate the need for such
> resources in the amount which they can justify under current ARIN
> policies.
> IPv4 address resources may be transferred to organizations in another
> RIR's service region if they demonstrate need to their region's RIR,
> according to that RIR's policies. Inter-regional transfers may take
> place only via RIRs who agree to the transfer and share compatible,
> needs-based policies. Such resources must be transferred in blocks of
> /24 or larger and will become part of the resource holdings of the
> recipient RIR.
> Minimum allocation
> In general, ARIN allocates /24 and larger IP address prefixes to ISPs.
> If allocations smaller than /24 are needed, ISPs should request
> address space from their upstream provider.
> Strike but retain its subsections.
> Use of /24
> The efficient utilization of an entire previously allocated /24 from
> their upstream ISP. This /24 allocation may have been provided by an
> ISP's upstream provider(s), and does not have to be contiguous address
> space. The organization must meet the requirement of efficient use of
> one /24. For example, if an organization holds a smaller allocation,
> such as a /28, from its upstream provider, the organization would not
> meet the minimum utilization requirements of a /24.
> Renumber and return
> ISPs receiving a new /24 may wish to renumber out of their previously
> allocated space. In this case, an ISP must use the new /24 to renumber
> out of that previously allocated block of address space and must
> return the space to its upstream provider.
> Strike through
> 4.3.2. Minimum assignment
> The minimum block of IP address space assigned by ARIN to end-users is
> a /24. If assignments smaller than /24 are needed, end-users should
> contact their upstream provider
> Petition statement:
> The AC's draft 2011-1 may be found here:
> https://www.arin.net/policy/proposals/2011_1.html
> I include by reference the AC's explanation of the draft's changes
> from the version presented at the meeting, both of which may be found
> at said URL.
> When the community consented to the Advisory Council rewriting
> proposal 2011-1 to eliminate ARIN-qualification of out-region
> transfers of single /24's they clearly intended that to cover
> eliminating the comparable restrictions on in-region transfers due to
> section 4 of the NRPM. This petition seeks to advance a modified
> version of the AC's draft 2011-1 which makes minimalist changes to the
> NRPM as needed to correct that oversight.
> If, as some members of the AC have asserted, the petition process has
> parity with AC action at each step of the way and if, as John Curran
> asserted there is no requirement for a draft which has been
> expansively rewritten following a public meeting to be again presented
> at a meeting then this petition will be allowed to proceed. If, on the
> other hand, this petition is ruled out of order then someone on the AC
> or working for ARIN has been a little loose with the truth.
> I ask you to help place the ARIN Policy Development Process under a
> microscope by joining this petition to advance a revised draft policy
> 2011-1 to last call. You may do so by posting the message "I support
> this petition" including your name, organization and contact info to
> this PPML mailing list as described at the bottom of
> https://www.arin.net/policy/pdp_petitions.html
> William Herrin, speaking for myself. Contact info in sig below.
> --
> William D. Herrin ................ herrin at dirtside.com  bill at herrin.us
> 3005 Crane Dr. ...................... Web: <http://bill.herrin.us/>
> Falls Church, VA 22042-3004
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