[arin-ppml] ARIN-2011-9 (Global Proposal): Global Policy for post exhaustion IPv4 allocation mechanisms by the IANA - Last Call

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Tue Nov 1 13:29:30 EDT 2011

On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 12:34 PM, David Farmer <farmer at umn.edu> wrote:
> I believe the biggest issue for other regions wasn't that we couldn't
> support mandatory return in global proposal that was ARIN-2009-3, but was a
> procedural objection.  That we changed the text of our proposal rather then
> do a strait up-down vote on the text presented to us.  In other words, they
> wanted us to vote the original proposal down and submit another new
> proposal. That is not what I believe, but my interruption of what others
> believe was our correct course of action in the situation.
> Then the objection to ARIN-2010-10 was that it included language about
> transfers and seemed to be a winner take all of the pool, the first one with
> need seemed to get the whole pool.  I believe if we submitted our change
> version of ARIN-2009-3 as a new proposal it might have received a different
> fate that  ARIN-2010-10, but that is Monday morning quarterbacking, and is
> not completely fair.
> This is covered in the rationale of this proposal, minus the implementation
> guidance requesting that the NRO clarify the RFC 2860 issue, especially the
> objections to ARIN-2010-10, but it also includes our objection the the
> original ARIN-2009-3 text.
> In my opinion, the question "should ARIN return any address space to IANA"
> is a completely separate local issue, that this global policy recognizes.  I
> haven't hid my opinion on the matter and made a public response to the
> question in open mic at the PPM.

Hi David,

Then my view is the same as it was for this draft's predecessors: so
long as we all understand that pending further policy development, the
IP addresses we expect ARIN to return to IANA is a null set, I am in
favor of advancing this draft. Should staff understand this draft to
have a contrary impact then I am opposed.

Bill Herrin

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