[arin-ppml] Petition draft 2011-1 last call

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Mon Nov 7 18:56:45 EST 2011

I hereby petition to advance an alternate version of draft policy
2011-1 to last call.

Policy draft:

8.3 Transfers to Specified Recipients

In addition to transfers under section 8.2, IPv4 number resources may
be released to ARIN by the authorized resource holder or another RIR,
in whole or in part, for transfer to another specified organizational
recipient. Organizations in the ARIN region may receive transferred
number resources under RSA if they can demonstrate the need for such
resources in the amount which they can justify under current ARIN

IPv4 address resources may be transferred to organizations in another
RIR's service region if they demonstrate need to their region's RIR,
according to that RIR's policies. Inter-regional transfers may take
place only via RIRs who agree to the transfer and share compatible,
needs-based policies. Such resources must be transferred in blocks of
/24 or larger and will become part of the resource holdings of the
recipient RIR. Minimum allocation

In general, ARIN allocates /24 and larger IP address prefixes to ISPs.
If allocations smaller than /24 are needed, ISPs should request
address space from their upstream provider.

Strike but retain its subsections. Use of /24

The efficient utilization of an entire previously allocated /24 from
their upstream ISP. This /24 allocation may have been provided by an
ISP's upstream provider(s), and does not have to be contiguous address
space. The organization must meet the requirement of efficient use of
one /24. For example, if an organization holds a smaller allocation,
such as a /28, from its upstream provider, the organization would not
meet the minimum utilization requirements of a /24. Renumber and return

ISPs receiving a new /24 may wish to renumber out of their previously
allocated space. In this case, an ISP must use the new /24 to renumber
out of that previously allocated block of address space and must
return the space to its upstream provider.

Strike through

4.3.2. Minimum assignment

The minimum block of IP address space assigned by ARIN to end-users is
a /24. If assignments smaller than /24 are needed, end-users should
contact their upstream provider

Petition statement:

The AC's draft 2011-1 may be found here:

I include by reference the AC's explanation of the draft's changes
from the version presented at the meeting, both of which may be found
at said URL.

When the community consented to the Advisory Council rewriting
proposal 2011-1 to eliminate ARIN-qualification of out-region
transfers of single /24's they clearly intended that to cover
eliminating the comparable restrictions on in-region transfers due to
section 4 of the NRPM. This petition seeks to advance a modified
version of the AC's draft 2011-1 which makes minimalist changes to the
NRPM as needed to correct that oversight.

If, as some members of the AC have asserted, the petition process has
parity with AC action at each step of the way and if, as John Curran
asserted there is no requirement for a draft which has been
expansively rewritten following a public meeting to be again presented
at a meeting then this petition will be allowed to proceed. If, on the
other hand, this petition is ruled out of order then someone on the AC
or working for ARIN has been a little loose with the truth.

I ask you to help place the ARIN Policy Development Process under a
microscope by joining this petition to advance a revised draft policy
2011-1 to last call. You may do so by posting the message "I support
this petition" including your name, organization and contact info to
this PPML mailing list as described at the bottom of

William Herrin, speaking for myself. Contact info in sig below.

William D. Herrin ................ herrin at dirtside.com  bill at herrin.us
3005 Crane Dr. ...................... Web: <http://bill.herrin.us/>
Falls Church, VA 22042-3004

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