[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-153 Correct erroneous syntax in NRPM 8.3

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Sun May 29 16:13:38 EDT 2011

On 5/29/2011 6:01 AM, Brett Frankenberger wrote:
> I don't see that the "an organization may not receive a smaller block
> than their documented need" is going to have much practical effect.
> ARIN has not had a practice of asking organizations to demonstrate that
> their actual need is not actually greater than what they've attempted
> to justify, and I doubt ARIN would start doing that.  So the effect of
> the "may not receive a smaller block" clause is going to be that
> organizations are going to find the largest block they can on the
> transfer market, and then go to ARIN with justification for that size
> (or smaller, if they can't justify the whole block), and then transfer
> it.  Someone who can justify a /15 will have no trouble justifying a
> /16, and ARIN isn't likely (at least not absent specific policy) to
> attempt to determine that the organization could really justify a /15.

I suspect that it is impossible to prove than an organization actually 
needs a larger block than they're requesting. This isn't like the fire 
code, where there's a minimum square footage per employee, after all.

> So all that really changes if thay provision is added is organizations
> have to negotiate the transfer before going to ARIN with the
> justification.  This obviously creates a risk that the justification
> will not be accepted, or that the seller will find another buyer before
> ARIN completes its review of the request (possible mitigated by the
> buyer paying a portion of the sales price to get the seller to hold
> it).  And the buyer would have to accept the risk of successfully
> justifying a certain amount of space and then having the transfer fail
> for some reason, at which point he'd be stuck with that size and not be
> able to find a smaller block to transfer.
> Overall, that would seem to inject a lot of risk into the process, for
> very little gain in actual efficiency.

Agree, and you also missed "creates a risk that the buyer will purchase 
the biggest block they can find, but then the next day the amount of 
space they *actually* needed comes on the market and they're locked out 
of getting it"

Matthew Kaufman

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