[arin-ppml] IPv4 Transfer Policy Change to Keep Whois Accurate

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu May 19 19:23:06 EDT 2011

On May 19, 2011, at 4:03 PM, Matthew Kaufman wrote:

> On 5/19/2011 4:00 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:
>> You say that as if it is a good thing. In fact, that is the very crux of the problem with this policy. It will
>> drive up the price of addresses for no purpose of benefit to the community.
> Actually if you're right there *is* a benefit to the community, just one that you've chosen to not recognize.
> Note that the community includes potential buyers *and* the sellers.

Yes, and benefiting half of the community (or actually less than half of the community) while
penalizing or negatively impacting a group which, by definition, is at least as large is not of
net benefit to the community. It is, at best break-even, and, at worst, destructive.

A benefit to a small fraction of the community != a benefit to the community.


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