[arin-ppml] Draft Proposal 2011-1 - Comments request - Globally Coordinated Transfer Policy

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>> I strongly oppose any measure that would open the doors to ARIN
>> resources flowing outside of ARIN.
> Bill,
> My position is that the elected officials of ARIN are accountable to ARIN region and should only be concerned with securing
> resources for use within ARIN.
> As a practical matter, every region is going to have need far beyond supply but I am not comfortable with any policy which would
> open the door to a decision that somehow another region's need is more important.
> --
> Jeffrey Lyon, Leadership Team
> [WEG] This is exactly the sort of comment that when taken out of context (or possibly even *in* context) gives folks ammunition to
> point to the fact that the ARIN community is being insular and that a more "neutral" body (say... the ITU) would be better equipped
> to equitably manage this global resource.
> I agree that we don't want to give preferential treatment to any other region, but you can't have it both ways. Either all regions
> are on equal footing or by definition, you're saying that ARIN's needs are more important than any others. The reality is that the
> whole notion of keeping ARIN resources for ARIN members is a sham, because there are going to be plenty of folks who are technically
> members of another region (based on where their corporate offices are located) but will use the fact that they have some presence in
> the US to justify space in ARIN since APNIC is effectively out.
> To the matter of the policy - I'm in support of it as written.
> Wes George

For matter of record, I do regard ARIN's need as more important than
any region. IANA already gave sufficient space to the other RIR's, let
them worry about themselves and we will worry about us. We should not
be developing policy with the aim of extending support to other

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