[arin-ppml] Just a reminder of some quick mathematicsfor IPv4that shows the long term impossibility of it

Chris Grundemann cgrundemann at gmail.com
Mon May 16 11:55:16 EDT 2011

On Mon, May 16, 2011 at 09:28, Chris Engel <cengel at conxeo.com> wrote:
> Can we simply agree that at this particular point in time IPv4 address space continues to have some value/use to a significant portion of the internet community?
> If we can generally agree on that proposition, then it seems clear that ARIN still has some responsibility for setting policies in regards assignment of that space. The question of whether the rest of the worlds population of human's, llama's or house flies will be able to access the internet through IPv4 strikes me as entirely tangential to that point.

It may be tangential to whether or not we have a responsibility to set
policy, but it is crucial to our understanding of what policy to set.

> FWIW, my particular hope is that IPv6 see's a steady increase in adoption so that people who do value publically addressable space can get it, IF they want it....and that NAT & IPv4 (and maybe even NAT66) continue to be available to those of us who prefer it as an option. The world is a diverse place, I don't see why the internet should not reflect that diversity in being able to cater to a varied and sometimes conflicting set of interests. Yes, that adds to the complexity of the system from an engineering standpoint....but so does manufacturing more then one size of shoe.

We share the same hope, and I too see the world as diverse and choice
as a good thing. The problem is that perpetuating IPv4 removes my
choice. If someone is able to force us to continue using IPv4 through
the policy that they set and the technology they adopt, then they have
relegated us to using NAT - whether it makes sense in a particular
situation or not. I believe this is the point that most have tried to
make in this thread; not that you have to give up NAT but rather that
you should not be allowed to force NAT on me.

(speaking for myself, and likely not posting in this thread again)

> Christopher Engel
> (representing only my own views)
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