[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-150 Reclamation Hold

Smales, Robert Robert.Smales at cw.com
Fri May 13 11:11:34 EDT 2011

>> ARIN-prop-150 Reclamation Hold
>> Proposal Originator: Matthew Kaufman
>> Proposal Version: 1
>> Date: 13 May 2011
>> Proposal type: new
>> Policy term: permanent
>> Policy statement:
>> Add a new section to the NRPM:
>> "All resources reclaimed by ARIN shall not be returned to the free pool
>> or otherwise reassigned to any entity than the original registrant for a
>> period of 36 months."
> I am opposed to this.  36 months is far too long IMO for a "quarantine"

+1 against. It is hard to imagine that anyone is going to return a block that was in use last week or that someone whose address block has been hijacked and returned to the pool isn't going to notice for two years. The likliest outcome of this policy is that at some point after ARIN has handed out its last /29, someone with a pressing and reasonable need for a v4 allocation will have to be told "sorry, we will have a /22 available in 18 months' time but not before then" 

Three years is a long time in the telecoms/Internet world, a dormant period of 12 months would be more reasonable.


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