[arin-ppml] IPv4 Transfer Policy Change to Keep Whois Accurate

Jonathan Fernatt fernattj at gmail.com
Wed May 11 23:24:05 EDT 2011

> Here are some examples of an entity that may want to purchase addresses but
> not demonstrate need:
> 1. A company with a 5 year planning horizon
> 2. A company that wants to provide temporary allocations
> 3. A company that wants to specialize in very rapid allocations, like
> same-day service.
> 4. A company that stocks addresses for sale in to those who would pay more
> for guaranteed availability
> 5. A company who is concerned about future supply.
> 6. A company that wishes to lease address space rather than sell it
> 7. A company who seeks to buy up small allocations to aggregate them in to
> larger, more valuable netblocks
> 8. A seller of vanity ip addresses like
> 9. A speculator willing to risk money to buy addresses as an investment for
> anticipated gains in address prices.
> 10. A company whose anticipated need does not begin for 12 months.
> I'm sure there are many more that I cannot think of. I agree with you that
> most buyers will have need, and I agree with you that most buyers will see
> the value of maintaining a valid ARIN whois record pointing to their
> authority.
> But the policy in APNIC was changed to remove needs requirements for
> transfers for the same reasons I am requesting its removal here.
> My policy proposal also has the benefit of incentivizing legacy resources
> to come under RSA, and it serves to even the playing field between the
> disparate rights of legacy versus non-legacy holders.
> And my underlying point is the obvious one, that the very act of paying for
> address space is a very good indication of need, or at least perceived need
> on the part of the buyer.
> Regards,
> Mike

I can clearly see the case for 1 and 10. At this point in the game, however,
I don't think there is any advantage to the community by enabling any of the
cases you listed in 2 - 9. (Just my opinion)

I guess I would be much more comfortable seeing the needs requirements
changed to accommodate those cases rather than remove the requirements

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