[arin-ppml] IPv4 Transfer Policy Change to Keep Whois Accurate

Blake Dunlap ikiris at gmail.com
Wed May 11 23:17:46 EDT 2011

On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 22:09, Mike Burns <mike at nationwideinc.com> wrote:

>  Hi Jon,
> Here are some examples of an entity that may want to purchase addresses but
> not demonstrate need:
> 1. A company with a 5 year planning horizon

Don't use IPv4, done.

> 2. A company that wants to provide temporary allocations

Why do they need extra space?

>  3. A company that wants to specialize in very rapid allocations, like
> same-day service.

Not an issue until the block get unreasonably big for such a service.

> 4. A company that stocks addresses for sale in to those who would pay more
> for guaranteed availability
5. A company who is concerned about future supply.
Both of the above are something that shouldn't deserve IPs

>  6. A company that wishes to lease address space rather than sell it

> 7. A company who seeks to buy up small allocations to aggregate them in to
> larger, more valuable netblocks
Good (expletive) luck. The birthday paradox on this is pretty stupidly big.

>  8. A seller of vanity ip addresses like
Ok, this one i'll buy, but it's still stupid, that's what DNS is for. You
don't see the same argument for MAC addresses for the same reason.

>  9. A speculator willing to risk money to buy addresses as an investment
> for anticipated gains in address prices.
See #5

>  10. A company whose anticipated need does not begin for 12 months.
Wait 9 months, it's not all about you.

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