[arin-ppml] IPv4 Transfer Policy Change to Keep Whois Accurate

Jonathan Fernatt fernattj at gmail.com
Wed May 11 22:55:47 EDT 2011

> What is the great benefit that outweighs the danger to Whois of unbooked
> transfers and the benefits of incentivizing legacy resources to come under
> RSA?
> Who says my proposal would result in completely unregulated markets? Every
> transferee would sign an RSA and be subject to ARIN policy.
> And with my policy or without my policy, addresses are bound to flow to the
> highest bidder.
> If the policy proposal doesn't fly, it will be to the highest bidder who
> can show need.
> Do you think that we should take more steps to protect the little guy in
> this event?
> Maybe a price cap? An address czar?

I keep seeing seeing this argument from you Mike. I honestly can't
understand why you think the needs requirement is such an obstacle for a
company with a legitimate need for addresses that they would have to avoid
ARIN altogether. Following that same train of thought, wouldn't it be easier
for a company who didn't care about the process or being honest to just
falsify their needs justification?

I deal with tiny tiny tiny companies who have had no problem whatsoever
showing need for resources. ARIN staff and policy have always seemed very
accommodating from my perspective.

Have you had a different experience?

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