[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-148 LRSA resources must not be transferred to LRSA

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Wed May 11 21:00:07 EDT 2011

On May 11, 2011, at 5:46 PM, William Herrin wrote:

> I agree. John -- how about publishing the one-off modified RSAs and
> LRSAs that have been used and explaining in each case what change was
> made and why it was deemed appropriate? Making non-substantive
> adjustments doesn't inherently strike me as unreasonable, but the
> interests of transparency would be well served by making those
> adjustments public knowledge.

My intent is to produce a more friendly and readable version of the 
LRSA & RSA which incorporates any common changes that we have had to 
make over time. This would both reduce the occasions that we need to 
make changes and also would allow folks to move to that version if 
they so choose.


John Curran
President and CEO

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